The Family Home in a Digital World

As children of the 80s, we remember our parents telling us that we are watching too much television.  But now, we use television as a means to connect with our children.  Nowadays, we are all facing different screens and are no longer even sharing the same movie experience.  My husband would be at his computer, my oldest son would be playing the x box, my younger son would be watching youtube and I would be watching Netflix on television.

The world has changed so drastically even from the time that my first son was born in 2004 and my youngest son who was born in 2011.  In 2004, there were no i-Pads.  Remember, parents out there the portable tv/video player that you strapped on the back of the headrests of your cars to get some peace and quiet.  My youngest son, however, has never known a time when there were no i-Pads.  I’m one of those parents who are not shy to admit that life gets complicated and tiring and hectic, so just to get some peace and quiet, you give your toddler the i-Pad.  My youngest has never known a time when there was no touch screen.

The world is a different place now.  Love it or hate it, we have no choice but to move forward to navigate life in this digital world.  Having been raised in analog, I can tell time easily with an analog clock.  My children have to think about it.  They no longer have to deal with dials and pointers, the information is right there.  Anything they want.  Thus, information is cheap, but the question always remains on what to do with the information.  And that’s what my children’s teacher call as synthesis… putting all things together.

This is our analog life in a digital world.

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